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beagle on agility dog walk

Fun Dog Agility

The most fun your dog can have!

Set in the idyllic North Wessex Downs, Woofers World Agility Club trains on a Saturday between February and November. We are a fun club offering agility and concept training under the tuition of proprietor Carrie Holborow chief in charge of Astute Canine Dog Club.

Woofers World was borne from a love of this dog sport created back in the 1970's following on from the skill in horse jumping and eventing - well - if horses can do it then so can dogs!

Our emphasis is about having fun with our pets, making friends and eating cake (sense of humour is a definite prerequisite).

With two years of running we have been invited to demo and run ‘Have a go agility’ to support local and national charities at fetes and events.

The club is run on a membership scheme of a one off -payment of £10 and classes are in blocks of 6 (£39) payable in advance; we then finish with a fun in-house competition before rolling on another 6 week course (as always there are T's and C's).

So, what is agility? As previously mentioned it is a sport born from horse jumping but then expanded to develop dog skills and canine athletes.  In agility dogs learn to jump hurdles, run through tunnels, go over obstacles, scale heights and wiggle their way through weaves; handlers learn to direct dogs over sequences of equipment, how to teach basic obedience and focus, harness impulsivity and drive but not forgetting to have fun - we work with a "happy voice".

If you would like to get involved you best jump over to the Contacts page.

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