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About us

All you need to know about Astute Canine Dog Club

PLEASE NOTE - no training is available at the moment as new plans and services are in the pipeline

As the founder and owner of Astute Canine Dog Club I strive to offer the best services that I can. I am dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals and have a particular passion for their mental and physical well being especially in the world we live in when it is so easy to put our demands on them.

As a dog trainer and walker there is very little regulation within the industry; with this in mind I have become a member of some organisations with Codes of Ethics and Practises that pride themselves on providing holistic approaches to pet wellbeing and offer a variety of courses and support to members so that they can continue to learn in this ever changing industry.

By being a member or associate of these various organisations I endeavour to provide the best service based on the skill set, knowledge and support they supply. I believe it is integral to all avenues of Astute Canine Dog Club and the services I offer.

I am proud to announce that I am now a Gold Member of the Pet Professional Network. The Pet Professional Network is a business support organisation and educational platform offering ongoing CPD for force free pet professionals.

Working in collaboration with world class training and behavioural institutes, business and mindset coaches, they help raise the standards of animal welfare providing members with a safe community to grow or expand their business and connect with like-minded professionals.

I have been awarded Gold Membership after gaining a specific level of skill or competence in developing my business and a high level of skill in my field of work.This is awarded to only the most dedicated Members after a minimum of one year’s commitment to being part of our community and taking an active role in supporting others in our industry.

2 dogs enjoying training
3 dogs enjoying balance training
Dog Walking Services

I have "Friend" membership to the Association of INTODogs. INTODogs are a members-only organisation for Dog Trainers, Behaviourists and other dog professionals, promoting positive, kind methods in order to enhance the quality of life for owners and dogs. We seek to promote the highest standards of professional conduct.

As part of this, all members agree to the ICAN declaration:

"I hereby acknowledge that all animals are sentient beings, capable of rich emotions, have the capacity to feel pain and are with complex, species-specific needs.
I declare that in the care, management and training of all animals I interact with, I will always seek to promote positive emotions and protect against negative ones.
Furthermore, I will always endeavour to understand the specific needs and welfare of the animals in my care and fulfill them to the best of my ability."

Click to view the full ICAN code of Practice

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