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ball pit at enrichment academy

Enrichment Academy

Brain training for your dog

Having been an established dog walker for over 6 years, and having witnessed the upsurge in walkers in the area I thought it was time to diversify and do something different. With a passion for canine cognitive development I was keen to expand the knowledge and skill set of dogs already in my care so created the Enrichment club. Using a secure training area I have been able to provide additional training for these dogs (Christmas presents for 2017 were to teach them tricks), as well as enhancing and building there confidence and abilities.

So what is "Enrichment?"

There is a trend towards enrichment being food based where dogs explore, forage or problem solve to find food or engage during meal times. At Astute Canine Dog Club enrichment is so much more; it's about building on all the dogs senses, allowing them to build confidence through seeing, smelling hearing and feeling; a particular favourite at club is the ball pit, we also have a sand pit, scent mats, and interactive toys to enrich body mind and soul. How does this tire a dog out you may ask? It has been scientifically proven that mental stimulation and training is just as tiring if not more so than free running (10mins mental exercise is the same as 1hr free running).

Do get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

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